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katana - Create a local Starknet sequencer for deploying and developing Starknet smart contracts.




General Options

     Don't print anything on startup.

     Disable auto and interval mining, and mine on demand instead.

-b, --block-time <MILLISECONDS>
     Block time in milliseconds for interval mining.

--db-dir <PATH>
     Directory path of the database to initialize from. The path must either be an empty directory or a directory which already contains a previously initialized Katana database.

     Output logs in JSON format.

--rpc-url <URL>
     The Starknet RPC provider to fork the network from.

--fork-block-number <BLOCK_NUMBER>
     Fork the network at a specific block.

--messaging <PATH>
     Configure the messaging service to allow Katana to listen/send messages on a settlement chain that can be either Ethereum or another Starknet sequencer (experimental).

-h, --help
     Print help (see a summary with '-h').

-V, --version
     Print version information.

Server Options

-p, --port <PORT>
     Port number to listen on. [default: 5050]

--host <HOST>
     The IP address the server will listen on.

--max-connections <MAX_CONNECTIONS>
     Maximum number of concurrent connections allowed. [default: 100]

Starknet Options

--seed <SEED>
     Specify the seed for randomness of accounts to be predeployed.

--accounts <NUM>
     Number of pre-funded accounts to generate. [default: 10]

     Disable charging fee for transactions.

     Disable validation when executing transactions. Allowing transaction to be executed even with invalid signature.

Environment Options

--chain-id <CHAIN_ID>
     The chain ID. [default: KATANA]

--gas-price <GAS_PRICE>
     The gas price.

--validate-max-steps <VALIDATE_MAX_STEPS>
     The maximum number of steps available for the account validation logic.

--invoke-max-steps <INVOKE_MAX_STEPS>
     The maximum number of steps available for the account execution logic.

--genesis <GENESIS>
     The genesis configuration file.



Generates a shell completions script for the given supported shells:

  • bash
  • elvish
  • fish
  • powershell
  • zsh


Generate shell completions script for bash and appends it to a .bashrc file:

katana completions bash >> ~/.bashrc