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Deploy your game using Slot

Welcome to this tutorial where we'll guide you through deploying a project using the Slot.

Before we start, make sure you are using the latest dojo version. Run dojoup to have the latest version installed.

Now, let's create a new project and initialize it with sozo.

sozo init dojo-starter && cd dojo-starter

First, we need to set up our configuration, starting by authenticating with Cartridge. To do this, run the following command, which will then prompt a new screen where you will need to go through the authentication process.

slot auth login
# Slot Auth debug (if old auth credentials):
rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/slot/credentials.json

Once successful, you can create a new deployment with a unique DEPLOYMENT_NAME. To do this, run the following command:

slot deployments create DEPLOYMENT_NAME katana

After that, you should receive the RPC endpoint for the katana slot. Now, you can use that and update your Scarb.toml file with the new RPC endpoint as follows:

rpc_url = "YOUR_NEW_RPC_URL"

Now, you can stream katana in a new terminal. Open a new terminal and run the following command:

slot deployments logs DEPLOYMENT_NAME katana -f

Then, copy the account address and the private key from the first account into the Scarb.toml file and replace the existing ones as follows:

account_address = "YOUR_NEW_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS"
private_key = "YOUR_NEW_PRIVATE_KEY"

Note: For each new Katana slot, a different account seed is used, making all the accounts unique!

Once finished with the new configurations, we are ready to build and migrate the project. To build the project, run the following command:

sozo build

Now, let's migrate the project to our new katana slot:

sozo migrate plan
sozo migrate apply 

If the migrations have been successful, you will receive the WORLD_ADDRESS, which then you can use to interact with your world.

🎉 Successfully migrated World at address WORLD_ADDRESS
 Updating manifest.json...

Congratulations! You have successfully deployed your project with a Katana slot.


To initiate a Torri indexer slot, execute the following command:

slot deployments create DEPLOYMENT_NAME torii --world YOUR_WORLD_ADDRESS --rpc YOUR_NEW_RPC_URL --start-block 1

Once deployment is successful, you should receive the endpoints for GraphQL and gRPC.

If you wish to stream the logs, you can run the following command in a new terminal:

slot deployments logs DEPLOYMENT_NAME torii -f