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Execution Engines

Execution engine is the transaction-executing component in the Katana sequencer. It is responsible for processing transactions and updating the state of the Starknet contracts. Currently, Katana supports two execution engines: blockifier and starknet_in_rust.

By default, the blockfier execution engine is used. It is the official implementation of the Starknet execution logic developed by StarkWare. Blockifier is also what Katana is shipped with when it is installed using dojoup. For now, the only way to use the starknet_in_rust engine is to build the Katana binary directly from source.

Using starknet_in_rust Engine

starknet_in_rust is a Starknet execution logic developed and maintained by the awesome team at LambdaClass. It is meant to be an alternative to blockifier. As mentioned earlier, the starknet_in_rust engine is not the default execution engine in Katana. For now, the only way to use it is to build the Katana binary directly from source with the sir feature enabled.

If you want to install Katana with the starknet_in_rust engine, you can do so by running the following command, without having to clone the Dojo repository locally (provided that you have rustc and cargo already installed):

cargo install --git katana --no-default-features --features sir --locked --force

Cairo Native

TODO: Add more information about Cairo Native and how to build it


TODO: Add benchmarks for the different execution engines