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Welcome to the Dojo

Dojo is an open source framework for building provable Games, Autonomous Worlds and other Applications that are composable, extensible, permissionless and persistent. It is an extension of Cairo, an efficiently provable language, that supports generation of zero-knowledge proofs attesting to a computations validity and enables exponential scaling of onchain computation while maintaining the security properties of Ethereum.

Feature Matrix

Whats in the box?

Dojo is designed to significantly reduce the complexity of developing provable applications that can be deployed to and verified by blockchains. It do so by providing a ~zero-cost abstraction for developers to succinctly define provable applications using Cairo and a robust toolchain for building, migrating, deploying, proving and settling these worlds in production.

Dojo includes:

  • Framework: a set of contracts and a protocol for building applications that are natively provable, extensible and composable.
  • Katana: a modular and extensible sequencer designed for high performance applications.
  • Torii: an indexer exposing an automatically generated GraphQL and gRPC api for real-time state synchronization.
  • Sozo: a declarative migration planning tool for deploying, upgrading, and maintaining smart contracts.

In addition, Cartridge provides tools and services for productionalizing provable applications:

  • Slot: a managed infrastructure service for deploying and scaling provable applications in seconds.

Get started by installing Dojo in only a few minutes!