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Dojo The Provable Game Engine

Dojo is a provable game engine built using Cairo. It establishes a standard for game development via smart contracts, blending best practices with streamlined development and deployment tools. With Dojo by your side, you can evolve from initial concept to a fully realized game in days, not weeks.

This book is dedicated to familiarizing you with the Dojo engine and the potential of Provable games. A special section on the Theory elucidates this emergent concept of autonomous worlds and Provable games.

Dojo is an open-source onchain gaming project currently in its early development phase, and warmly welcomes contributors. For additional resources, join the community on Discord and check out the contribution guide.

Organizational Structure

Dojo is an open-source initiative, licensed under Apache 2.0, dedicated to promoting and advancing the concept of Autonomous Worlds (AWs). It is spearheaded by Cartridge, Realms & BibliothecaDAO, briq and many more contributors.

How do I get involved?

Check out our Github, our Twitter, Discord and contribution guide