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What is Dojo?

Ohayo Sensei!

Dojo is an open-source, provable game engine built with Cairo, designed to be the ultimate toolchain for creating onchain games.

Dojo enables developers to go from concept to a fully realized onchain game in days.

TLDR Dojo is;

  • Cairo framework for building onchain games
  • Rust based indexing for your games
  • Rust based CLI tooling for improved development flow
  • Apache 2.0 Open source - always has been, always will be
  • Built by a vibrant community of engineers and gamers
  • Join the Sensei - join us!

How to use these docs?

This book is dedicated to familiarizing you with the Dojo engine and the potential of Provable games. A special section on the Theory elucidates this emergent concept of autonomous worlds and Provable games.

Organizational Structure

Dojo is an open-source initiative, licensed under Apache 2.0, dedicated to promoting and advancing the concept of Autonomous Worlds (AWs). It is spearheaded by Cartridge, Realms & BibliothecaDAO, briq and many more contributors.

How do I get involved?

Check out our Github, our Twitter, Discord and contribution guide