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Getting Started

Let's get started building on Dojo! This guide will walk you through installing the Dojo toolchain and preparing your environment for development. Dojo is built around a set of development tools - Katana, Torii, Sozo and Saya.

Install using the dojoup Package Manager

You can install with the dojoup version manager which enables you to easily install, update and manage your Dojo installation.

Install dojoup

curl -L | bash

Install the latest Dojo release


For more information on advanced usage, such as installing a particular version or building from source, run dojoup --help.

Install using asdf Package Manager

You can alternatively use the asdf package manager to install and manage your Dojo installation.

Install the asdf

Add the asdf-dojo plugin:

asdf plugin add dojo

Install the latest version of Dojo or a specific version you need:

asdf install dojo latest      # For the latest version
asdf install dojo 1.2.3       # For a specific version

Set the global or local version:

asdf global dojo latest       # Set globally
asdf local dojo 1.2.3         # Set locally in your project directory

Once you're up and running, check out the Dojo Starter guide!