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sozo register

register is used to register new models to the world. Registering a model ensures that the model is included into the world with it's associated permissions, and can be used by systems.


Usage: sozo register [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>
  model  Register a model to a world.
  help   Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

World Options

    The address of the World contract.

Starknet Options

--rpc-url URL
    The Starknet RPC endpoint. [default: http://localhost:5050]

Account Options

--account-address ACCOUNT_ADDRESS
    The Starknet account address.

Signer Options - Raw

--private-key PRIVATE_KEY
    The raw private key associated with the account contract.

Signer Options - Keystore

--keystore PATH
    Use the keystore in the given folder or file.

--password PASSWORD
    The keystore password. Used with --keystore.

Transaction Options

--fee-estimate-multiplier MULTIPLIER
    The multiplier to use for the fee estimate. This value will be used on the estimated fee which will be used as the max fee for the transaction (max_fee = estimated_fee * multiplier).

--wait [-w]
    Wait until the transaction is accepted by the sequencer, returning the status and the hash. This will poll the transaction status until it gets accepted or rejected by the sequencer.

--receipt [-r]
    If --wait is set, returns the full transaction receipt. Otherwise, it does nothing.

sozo register model 0x764906a97ff3e532e82b154908b25711cdec1c692bf68e3aba2a3dd9964a15c