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sozo auth

auth is used to manage world authorization. In the world, authorizations are given on resources, which are identified by a resource_id. In the case of the models, the resource_id is the name of the model struct you have into your code. In the case of a dojo contract with systems, the resource_id is the address of the contract. Finally, the world itself is a resource, and its resource_id is 0.

Authorizations are separated in two categories:

  • Ownership: when the world / dojo contract is deployed, or a model registered, the deployer becomes the owner of such resource. Ownership can be granted to others.
  • Writer: to give write access on models, you must explicitely grant the writer role to a system.

With sozo auth, you can grant or revoke ownership or writer roles.

This command sends the transaction to the world contract using a multicall. So independently of the number of resources you want to update, this command will only send one transaction.


Usage: sozo auth [OPTIONS] <COMMAND>
  grant   Grant an auth role.
  revoke  Revoke an auth role.
  help    Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

The syntax changes depending on the authorization you want to grant / revoke.


sozo auth grant/revoke owner [OPTIONS] <resource,owner_address>...
  • resource     The resource can be a model or a contract, and must be identified as follow:
        - For a model, model:model_name.
        - For a contract, contract:0x1234 or contract:fully::qualified::name.

  • owner_address     The address of the owner to grant/revoke ownership to.


sozo auth grant/revoke writer [OPTIONS] <model,contract_address>...
  • model     The name of the model to grant/revoke writer access to.

  • contract_address     The address of the contract to grant/revoke writer access to.

World Options

    The address of the World contract.

Starknet Options

--rpc-url URL
    The Starknet RPC endpoint. [default: http://localhost:5050]

Account Options

--account-address ACCOUNT_ADDRESS
    The Starknet account address.

Signer Options - Raw

--private-key PRIVATE_KEY
    The raw private key associated with the account contract.

Signer Options - Keystore

--keystore PATH
    Use the keystore in the given folder or file.

--password PASSWORD
    The keystore password. Used with --keystore.


# example: writer - auth a system with the given calldata
# This will auth the spawn system with the writer role for Position model.
sozo auth grant writer Moves,0x3539c9b89b08095ba914653fb0f20e55d4b172a415beade611bc260b346d0f7
# example: owner - gives ownership to an account contract on a model
sozo auth grant owner model:Moves,0x6162896d1d7ab204c7ccac6dd5f8e9e7c25ecd5ae4fcb4ad32e57786bb46e03
# example: owner - gives ownership to an account contract on a dojo contract
sozo auth grant owner contract:0x3539c9b89b08095ba914653fb0f20e55d4b172a415beade611bc260b346d0f7,0x6162896d1d7ab204c7ccac6dd5f8e9e7c25ecd5ae4fcb4ad32e57786bb46e03