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Configuration Priorities

The configuration system follows the following priority order:

  1. Command-line arguments
  2. Environment variables
  3. Configuration in Scarb.toml

Account Options

  • account_address: Starknet account address.
  • signer: Options related to signer configuration.
  • legacy: Enables the use of a legacy account (cairo0 account).

Usage Examples

  1. Specify the Starknet account address using command-line arguments:
sozo --account-address 0x123456789

Starknet Options

  • rpc_url: The URL of the Starknet RPC endpoint. Can be specified via command-line arguments or environment variables.

Usage Examples

  1. Specify the Starknet RPC URL using a command-line argument:
sozo --rpc-url http://localhost:7474/

TODO: Add documentation of other common options