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Authorization is crucial to a world, just like how authorization is crucial to any smart contract.

As discussed in the World chapter, Autonomous Worlds (AWs) function as sovereign chains nested within a public blockchain. These Worlds are also open to the public. This structure allows anyone to enhance a World by deploying models or systems. However, this openness also introduces security considerations. Similar to Ethereum, interacting with a model's state within a System requires the appropriate authorization from the model owner.

Auth Architecture

Every time a set! is called in a System, the world checks if the System has authorization to update the model state. Only when the System possesses the necessary authorization, the set! is executed. The following diagram illustrates the authorization architecture.

Authorization Architecture

Providing Authorization

The deployer of the model is its initial owner. A model owner is able to grant the owner and writer roles. Only owners can grant a System the writer role which allows it to update the model.

sozo offers a convenient tool to authorize systems.

sozo auth writer Moves spawn

This command will generate a writer authorization for the spawn system to update the Moves model.