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Torii is an automatic indexer and client for dojo worlds. Built in rust to be blazingly fast and exceptionally scalable. Torii provides a fully typed, dynamically generated GraphqQL interface and a high performance gRPC api for binding clients to the world state. There are two parts to torii, the client and the server.

Torii Server

The torii server comprises of the rust backend that exposes the graphql and gRPC endpoints.


Torii leverages world introspection to bootstrap directly from an onchain deployment. Simply run:

torii --world <World Address>

You'll have a GraphQL API running at http://localhost:8080/graphql and a gRPC api at http://localhost:8080


The torii binary can be installed via dojoup, our dedicated installation package manager.

Installing from Source

If you prefer to install from the source code:

cargo install --path ./bin/torii --profile local --force

This will install Torii and the required dependencies on your local system.

📚 Reference

See the torii Reference for a complete reference.