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Dojo supports associating offchain metadata with the world contract and other deployed contracts. This can provide additional context about the world, such as it's name, description, social links and other media. Enabling external services to easily index and distribute worlds and experiences built on them.

World Metadata

During migration, sozo will automatically manage the worlds metadata for you, uploading it to ipfs and setting it in the world contract. It does so by parsing the metadata defined in the projects Scarb.toml.

To set a worlds metadata, create the following section in your Scarb.toml:

name = "example"
description = "example world"
icon_uri = "file://assets/icon.png"
cover_uri = "file://assets/cover.png"
website = ""
socials.x = ""

The toolchain supports the name, description, icon_uri, cover_uri, website and socials attributes by default. _uri attributes can point to a asset in the repo using the file:// schema or to remote resouces using either ipfs:// or https://. Arbitrary social links can be set by setting a key value on the socials attribute. For example, we could add a socials.github = "...".

During migration, sozo will upload any local assets to ipfs, replace the corresponding uris, upload the metadata json to ipfs, and set the metadata_uri for the world (resource 0).

Contract Metadata

It is possible for contract owners to set a metadata_uri for any contract. However, this specification has not yet been defined and it is not supported by the toolchain at this time.