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sozo is a powerful all-in-one tool for managing your Dojo projects. It helps with everything from scaffolding a new project, all the way to deploying and interacting with your Dojo Worlds. It includes a migration planning tool, designed to streamline the updating and deployment of AWs. It provides a robust command-line interface (CLI) that simplifies World management tasks, enabling you to focus on the creative aspects of World-building. In the future, it may include a GUI.


  • Binary CLI: Sozo provides an intuitive binary CLI, ensuring easy management of your Worlds, whether you're updating existing ones or deploying new ones.


sozo binary can be installed via dojoup, our dedicated installation package manager.

Installing from Source

git clone
cd dojo
cargo install --path ./bin/sozo --locked --force

This will install Sozo and the required dependencies on your local system.