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Contributing to Dojo Book

As the Dojo engine progresses and develops, it is essential for the Dojo book to keep pace with these advancements. Updating and refining the book ensures that it remains a relevant and valuable resource for those interested in understanding and utilizing the latest Dojo engine features and capabilities. All help is welcome!

The purpose of the book

The Dojo book is designed to be a comprehensive resource that caters to users at various levels of experience. It aims to serve as both an introductory guide for those new to Dojo and its ancillary packages, as well as a reference for more experienced users seeking to deepen their understanding of the engine's features and capabilities.

The book is split into some major chapters:

  • Framework Theory
  • Getting Started
  • Building a World

Code of Conduct

The book follows the Rust Code of Conduct.

Ways to contribute


If you think that some content is missing or out-of-date, feel free to open an issue. If you find multiple pieces of content lacking, please open up a separate issue for each.

The issues will then be labeled so other contributors can find chunks of work they are interested in more easily.

The issue should contain what is missing, or what could be improved, in as much detail as you deem necessary.

Pull requests

Feel free to contribute changes to the book by opening a pull request - anything is welcome, from reformulating a sentence, fixing a typo, to adding new sections or chapters.

When your pull request is open, other contributors will take a look and may request changes. Do not be discouraged!

Writing style

This section documents a few standards for writing used throughout the book.

Chapters start with a second level heading

We use:

## Some Page

We do not use:

# Some Page