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Dojo is a thriving community of builders, artists, and deep thinkers, pushing the frontier of what is possible.

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Templates & Libraries

Templates, libraries or utilities that use Dojo.

Awesome Projects

  • Beer Baron - An dojo onchain simulation masked as a beer brewing game. It is designed to work with 10 - 10,000 players.
  • Chess Dojo - A chess game built on Dojo.
  • Dope Wars: Roll Your Own - An onchain adaptation of the classic Drug Wars game developed by the Cartridge team.
  • Drive AI - An onchain driving simulator controlled by a neural network developed by the Cartridge team.
  • Emoji Man - Pac-man inspired onchain game using dojo and phaser.
  • Loot Underworld - Excavating the dangerous, endless mysteries of the subterranean in the dark depths of the Realms Autonomous (Under)World.
  • PixeLAW - A pixel grid-based Autonomous World with coexisting games (i.e. Paint, Snake, Rock-Paper-Scissors).
  • Realms Autonomous World - The Realms Autonomous World
  • Stark Lander - Land on the Moon!
  • StarkLand - Full On-chain Multiplayer Online Simulation Game (FOMOSLG) built on Starknet.
  • Underdark: Lair of the Slenderduck - An unhinged on-chain generative dungeon skin crawler. Beware the Slenderduck!
  • zDefender - An onchain tower defense.
  • zKnight - An onchain strategy game