Torii - Networking & Indexing

Torii is an automatic indexer for dojo worlds. Built in rust to be blazingly fast and exceptionally scalable. Torii provides a fully typed, dynamically generated GraphqQL interface and a high performance gRPC api for binding clients to the world state.


Torii leverages world introspection to bootstrap directly from an onchain deployment. Simply run:

torii --world <World Address>

You'll have a GraphQL API running at http://localhost:8080/graphql and a gRPC api at http://localhost:8080/grpc


The torii binary can be installed via dojoup, our dedicated installation package manager.

Installing from Source

If you prefer to install from the source code:

cargo install --path ./crates/torii --profile local --force

This will install Torii and the required dependencies on your local system.

📚 Reference

See the torii Reference for a complete reference.